Friday, March 15, 2013

Pickering Interfaces @ Nepcon, Shanghai

UK: Pickering Interfaces, a leading PXI/LXI supplier has continued in 2012 to regularly release a steady flow of new products in both the LXI and PXI platforms. It will launch the following products at Nepcon Shanghai 2013.

40-575/576/577/578/579 Ultra High Density Matrix Family – Highest density single-slot 3U PXI 2 Amp matrices with up to 448 crosspoints from the following configurations; 85x4, 64x6, 50x8, 36x12 & 28x16.

40-568 BRIC Matrix – Latest addition to Pickering’s established range of BRIC options, providing very high density matrix configurations for 2 Amp switching and maximized connection elegance for 1-pole applications. With scalable solutions to 600x4, this new model offers market leading density.

40-635 Low Cost Multiplexer – Expansion of our PXI multiplexer range with a product that offers; low cost, high switching capacity, simple D-type connection.

40-501 Solid State Matrix – High density 64x4 matrix rated at 100V, featuring solid state relay technology for fast switch operation & long service life.

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