Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Xplore intros iX104C5-M2 rugged tablet for military and government personnel

USA: Xplore Technologies Corp. has announced the newest addition to its rugged tablet portfolio, the iX104C5-M2. The new rugged tablet is an upgrade to Xplore Technologies’ current iX104C5-M, and is made to specifically meet the specialized security needs of military and government personnel.

The new iX104C5-M2 introduces additional hardware security with a fully integrated common access card (CAC) reader, which provides a secure and more trusted platform experience for military personnel. An ISO 7816 smart card issued by the U.S. government must be inserted into the device to access information appropriate to the user’s security clearance on the tablet.

The CAC reader ensures that critical data is only accessible by the appropriate, qualified user. Since the CAC card is completely contained within the iX104C5-M2 CAC reader, it poses no threat of possible damage resulting from foreign objects.

The iX104C5-M2 rugged tablet is outfitted with an Intel Core i7 processor, is Windows 8 compatible, and offers the most advanced performance platform in its class. The speed and efficiency of Xplore’s military tablets allows federal and Department of Defense users to deploy high-end enterprise level applications with confidence and reliability.

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