Friday, July 22, 2011

World's first IEEE 1901 full compliant LSI ready for stamping HD-PLC logo

FUKUOKA, JAPAN: HD-PLC Alliance, the world leader of the promotion and certification of powerline communication technologies and products, has announced the first full compliant IEEE 1901 BPL PHY and MAC standard based LSI is ready for certification of embedded products.

The world's first IEEE 1901 LSI, 'KHN13100 Chip Set' was developed by Kawasaki Microelectronics,Inc, which is a member company of HD-PLC Alliance. The products embedding this LSI are the 3rd generation of HD-PLC products. In addition to the full compliance to the IEEE 1901 Standard, the 3rd generation of HD-PLC products improves the total performance, reduces power consumptions, and downsizes the total circuit size.

The certification requirements defined by the alliance provide interoperability with all existing HD-PLC products and provide coexistence with other BPL technologies including other IEEE 1901 FFT OFDM based systems and Access BPL system. The coexistence specification, known as Inter-System Protocol (ISP), is mandatory in the IEEE 1901 standard. The same coexistence protocol was also approved as ITU-T G.9972 in June 2010, and also recently approved by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SGIP PAP15 as a mandatory requirement for all Broadband over Powerline (BPL) systems for home area network.

HD-PLC Alliance has recently announced a joint certification program for China named IGRS-PLC. IGRS-PLC certification is conducted in a special designated facility at National Engineering Laboratory for IGRS in Shenzhen, which is the first National Engineering Laboratory in China for Computer, Communication, and Consumer Electronics technologies. With this announcement, National Engineering Laboratory for IGRS is also ready for stamping the IGRS-PLC for China market.

"We dedicated over 5 years jointly with around 100 companies from the different countries and industries in the development of the IEEE 1901 standard. I am convinced this news is really encouraging not only the BPL industry but also whole communication industry, just like WiFi was a major break in the market after IEEE802.11 standard was released.", said Tomiya Miyazaki, vice president of HD-PLC Alliance.

"We are pleased with this announcement to become the world first supplier of IEEE 1901 full compliant HD-PLC LSI, 'KHN13100 Chip Set'. We hope to accelerate the wide adoption of this IEEE 1901 standard compliant products in the world." said Kyoichi Kissei, executive VP of Kawasaki Microelectronics Inc.

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