Friday, July 8, 2011

Audio Pixels Holdings signs joint development agreement with Sony

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Sony Corp. of Japan for the development of its patented low cost micro-electro mechanical (MEMS) digital speakers.

Sony is one of the world's foremost consumer electronic and semiconductor conglomerates. As previously announced the joint development partner, Sony is funding the majority of the rather substantial costs associated with transitioning the technology into a mass-manufacturable product. Sony delivered the first batch of phase-one development chips for testing to Audio Pixels in Israel on 17 June 2011.

The Joint Development Agreement with Sony anticipates that once the Development Phase and testing has been completed that the parties will enter into a formal Commercial License Agreement.

Audio Pixels and Sony are well down the track of the agreed development plan to achieve mass-production capabilities, after which Sony intends to transition to becoming a mass-manufacturing partner primarily focused on supplying product for the myriad of diverse consumer products that Sony already produces and sells globally and a supplier of speaker products for use throughout the myriad of diverse consumer electronics products produced and sold worldwide.

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