Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fortemedia SAM VE technology powers next generation voice processing solution for smartphones and tablets

SUNNYVALE, USA: Fortemedia’s FM34-500 is the latest dual microphone noise suppression and echo cancellation chip for mobile applications based on its SAM VE. The voice inclusion zone created by SAM VE thoroughly isolates caller’s voice and filters out unwanted background noises. The result is a pure and clear full duplex conversation with superior voice quality for mobile communications and voice search applications.

To accommodate various holding positions for smartphones, FM34-500 extends the effective noise suppression from the handset mode to look-and-talk mode (landscape profile) with the same microphone placement.

A conferencing function is supported by Fortemedia’s proprietary Far-Field-Pickup technology in FM34-500, where the Tx voice remains the same loudness level wherever the users speak within a five-meter range.

The FM34-500 automatically calibrates the digital microphones in every power up process in order to simplify the sourcing, reduce production cost, shorten time-to-market significantly, and lengthen the end product’s life cycle.

In addition, FM34-500 allows a broad range of sampling rates from 8KHz, 16KHz (wide band voice) and up to 48KHz with a sample rate conversion. With the lowest power consumption (18mW) and smallest footprint (6.25mm2), FM34-500 meets the demands from the power-sensitive and space-limited mobile devices.

Key features:
* Up to 74dB Acoustic Echo Cancellation with 64-100ms tail length.
* Up to 37dB non-stationary noise suppression and 35dB stationary noise suppression (Tx).
* Up to 12dB stationary noise suppression on the receive end (Rx).
* Bright Voice Engine technology improves intelligibility of loudspeaker output in the presence of loud ambient noises.
* Far field pick up for conference applications
* Dynamic Range Control, Bandwidth Expansion, and bi-directional Equalization.
* Internal 32Ω speaker driver and 1.2V LDO to minimize external components.
* Flexible clock sources: 3-32MHz plus 38.4 and 48MHz.

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