Thursday, July 7, 2011

ISPASE intros breakthrough technology to create authentic 3D surround sound for all types of headphones

WAYNE, USA: ISPASE LLC has announced the introduction of the iSpaSe SMK which uses a breakthrough technology to replace today's "inside the head" impression of sound in headphones with a revolutionary three-dimensional sound experience.

The iSpaSe SMK takes the stereo left and right channel of headphone sound and calculates the correct loudness and timing necessary to create a precise replica of the actual sound that a listener hears during the original live performance.
The quality and clarity of music is restored and musicians are placed in their correct locations around the listener. For video games, iSpaSe heightens the sense of reality by precisely locating each sound where the relevant action is on screen.

For TV and Movies, iSpaSe is the world's first technology to need only the stereo sound from media players and streaming video to recreate the original multichannel surround sound and place it correctly around the listener to replicate the original theater experience.

The iSpaSe SMK is a small, lightweight and affordable unit that connects between headphones and media player using the standard stereo headphone connector available on all players. It is powered by two AAA batteries with an expected battery life of over 100 hours of typical use. The unit is simple to use and does not require set up or adjustment.

The iSpaSe SMK is available for $49, with free shipping in the USA.

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