Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CSR wireless audio platform brings HD voice, noise reduction and music streaming to new LG HBM-260

NEW DELHI, INDIA: CSR announced that the new LG HBM-260, the first Wideband Speech enabled Bluetooth mono headset from LG, was created using the CSR BC6145 Bluetooth audio platform, the first such solution to be qualified to the new Bluetooth HFP 1.6 profile. In addition to its high-quality HD voice capability, the LG HBM-260 headset also benefits from the BC6145’s support for CSR’s sixth-generation CVC bi-directional noise reduction technology and audio enhancements for superior call clarity, as well as A2DP1.2-based music streaming.

“We determined that one of the things consumers most want from a headset is crystal-clear voice calling quality, and have worked to develop a headset with HD voice support as quickly as possible,” said Harris Ahn, general manager of LG Accessory Product Business Leader Group. “Our continued close collaboration with CSR has helped us secure early entry to the market for HD Voice enabled headsets and allowed us to concentrate on the attractive design of our headset and ensure the high build quality our customers have come to expect from LG.”

The CSR BC6145 was the first mono headset platform in the world to support the newly-ratified HFP 1.6 Bluetooth profile, which includes Wideband Speech, often referred to as high definition voice or HD voice. As major wireless operators roll out HD voice services across their networks, the LG HBM-260 will rely on the mSBC Wideband Speech codec in the CSR BC6145 Bluetooth audio platform to give consumers one of the first products offering the benefits of HD voice’s significantly clearer and more natural speech quality, and the intelligibility improvements that result from this.

"CSR’s platform philosophy is to make it as easy as possible for customers like LG to offer consumers a superior audio experience with the latest features" said Anthony Murray, senior vice president of CSR’s Audio and Consumer Business Unit. "The early provision of wide band speech technology in our audio platform supports the roll out of HD Voice and coupled with CSR’s latest 6th Generation CVC audio enhancements we are able to meet demands for the highest quality audio, even in very noisy environments."

CSR’s BC6145 brings the enjoyment of music listening to the consumer using the mono A2DP streaming capability featured in the LG HBM-260. Consumers can now conveniently listen to music on their voice headset.

CSR’s BC6145 is built to deliver advanced Bluetooth audio functionality to a wide range of consumer audio devices. As well as mono headsets, the BC6145 is also suitable for after-market car kits and speakerphones, where it can greatly reduce the impact of speaker distortion and enhance the echo cancellation performance in the demanding noise environment of a car.

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