Friday, July 8, 2011

Cisco arms enterprises with solution to address critical challenges of distributing video

BANGALORE, INDIA: Cisco has announced the Cisco Enterprise Content Delivery System (ECDS), a set of video distribution products that work together to address IT leaders’ growing challenge of delivering the highest-quality live and on-demand video content to end users anywhere, anytime.

Today, enterprise IT leaders are facing rapidly rising demands for video on already overloaded networks. ECDS provides a seamless way to manage the video load on the wide area network (WAN) and, at the same time, help control the cost of extending video applications across the organization.

As a key video infrastructure component of the Cisco medianet architecture, ECDS consists of hardware appliances and Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) virtual blade software. The appliances and software work together to help organizations distribute live video content via streaming or multicasting, and, on-demand video via caching and prepositioning. ECDS also provides an IT-friendly management system for easy setup, configuration, maintenance, and monitoring of video. ECDS works together with Cisco WAAS to form a complete WAN optimization solution for video, applications and data.

Network managers can flexibly deploy ECDS in any appliance-based or existing virtualized environment at almost any place in the network, enabling customers to maximize previous investments. With comprehensive video format support, ECDS can scale to support from dozens to thousands of users in thousands of locations.

For end users, ECDS helps ensure the best video experience for both scheduled and dynamic, unplanned video content. ECDS can eliminate delays in video playback, intermittent video interruptions, pixilation and other issues commonly associated with video delivery and reception.

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