Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dongbu CNI delivers cloud services powered by CA AppLogic cloud platform and Nimsoft unified manager

BANGALORE, INDIA: CA Technologies Korea announced that Dongbu CNI, Korea’s leading integrated IT service provider, has launched a cloud service platform using the CA AppLogic cloud platform, and Nimsoft Unified Manager.

Dongbu CNI, which is growing its cloud business as part of its next generation business milestone, selected CA AppLogic software and Nimsoft Unified Manager to implement key functionalities, such as provisioning and execution control, in a faster and more cost-effective way for its cloud service platform. Dongbu CNI will provide cloud services to small medium businesses (SMBs) and medical institutions, which are facing challenges in establishing dedicated data centers and attracting skilled IT staff.

CA AppLogic software offers a turnkey cloud computing platform that enables users to develop a virtual business service that consists of the application and the supporting infrastructure. The service is designed using a graphical tool, after which it can be hosted at either an on-premise data center or managed service provider.

The platform offers fully automated provisioning, so clients do not have to worry about aspects like migration and scaling. The CA AppLogic platform has received numerous industry accolades, including HostReview's Annual Web Hosting Award, which cited the software as one of the top 10 best cloud solutions, and the Cloud Computing World Series Award for Best Cloud Platform.

Nimsoft Unified Manager is an integrated solution for IT monitoring and service management that allows integrated management of all infrastructures, including server, storage, network and database in the IT and cloud environments, while improving the response time of applications and services. Through Nimsoft, companies are able to have greater visibility into the cloud environment and can provide high-availability services at affordable prices.

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