Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Matrix to resell Kaminario K2 high performance storage solutions

NEWTON, USA: Kaminario, a leading provider of high performance SSD storage, announced a sales and marketing partnership with Matrix, a leading information technology services company in EMEA. Matrix will resell and implement Kaminario’s K2 high performance SSD storage appliance to deliver fast, safe and easy storage solutions for enterprises to address the data access demands of their most critical applications.

Matrix operates in some of the largest IT projects in Israel with hundreds of enterprise customers in leading industrial, commercial, banking, financial, telecom, security, health, public and governmental organizations. Matrix’s infrastructure division deliver storage solutions that must meet enterprises’ expectations around performance, high availability, and ease of use in support of their most demanding applications.

In offering the Kaminario K2 SSD storage appliance to its customers, Matrix answers the need for increasing application performance and reducing runtime while ensuring that data critical to the application is highly available. The Kaminario K2 also enables Matrix to offer its customers a unique storage solution that is easy to deploy and manage, helping them to reduce application costs and increase their ROI.

“Accelerating application runtime is a top priority for our customers. Their preference is to invest in hardware over changing the application, both from a cost and an assimilation point of view.” said Udi Eylon, applicative infrastructure department manager, finance and technology division, Matrix. “Based on those needs and the available solution alternatives, we chose Kaminario as a unique solution for our clients. The Kaminario K2 high performance SSD storage system enables acceleration of the application by up to 25 times while offering high availability and easy installation and management.”

Based on an innovative Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture (SPEAR), the Kaminario K2 uses off-the-shelf blade servers and SSD media to create a blazingly fast, highly available and easy-to-deploy distributed storage grid appliance. The Kaminario K2 supports millions of IOPS, tens of GB/s of throughput and extremely low latency in order to accelerate application performance. The Kaminario K2 also supports N+1 redundancy, including dual UPS for data reliability and availability.

The Kaminario K2 is the only SSD storage solution on the market today that delivers both enterprise-class performance and high availability within a single solution, without the cost and complexity of managing multiple storage systems.

“We are very pleased to have a highly respected IT solutions provider like Matrix join our growing partner network. Their clients are in industries where the Kaminario K2 will provide immediate, measurable business benefits,” said Dani Golan, CEO, Kaminario. “We look forward to working with Matrix to help their customers overcome their application performance challenges.”

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