Wednesday, November 2, 2011

consilium1 tackling “big data” with specialized service offerings

ATLANTA, USA: consilium1, a specialized information technology consulting services company, announced that they have expanded their Data Management service offering with a selection of pre-packaged, yet customizable “Big Data” solution offerings.

“As data continues to grow and evolve and CIOs continue to make their move to the cloud, everyone is looking for the right ‘Big Data’ solution,” said Mark Lugert, VP of Professional Services for c1’s Emerging Technologies Practice. “With our proven expertise across a variety of ‘Big Data’ components including structured and unstructured data, global caching, analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL), and log management, we’re uniquely positioned to create packaged ‘Big Data’ solutions that can scale to fit your needs in your current or future environment.”

As a result of their expanding Data Management solutions, consilium1 will be making a presentation centered around their GemFire Data Management capabilities to the national VMware user community on Thursday, November 17th at 1pm EST.

The presentation will focus on GemFire’s capabilities to handle “Big Data” in a cloud environment, showcase consilium1’s exclusive expertise with GemFire and the rest of the vFabrictm cloud application platform, and offer some real life examples of successful GemFire deployments across multiple industry verticals.

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