Friday, June 17, 2011

Samsung intros four new lines of monitors

RIDGEFIELD PARK, USA: Samsung Electronics America Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, announced four new lines of LED-backlit monitors for businesses of all types and a new display panel technology, underscoring Samsung’s position as a leader in the category. Aimed at offering the latest in LED technology for the enterprise, education and SMB marketplace, the new 200, 450, 650 and 850 Series monitors offer superior image quality and reduce total cost of ownership, making them ideal for users at every level.

“Through widespread LED adoption in the workplace, Samsung’s business monitor solutions transcend their role as hardware and become an integral part in operating a sustainable business,” said Young Bae, director of display marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “The innovative technology and cost-saving features included in the latest 200, 450, 650 and 850 Series business monitors make updating a small office or even an entire enterprise a simple and approachable task.”

Unparalleled image quality and panel technology
Samsung’s new line of monitors not only offers bright, vibrant images but also accurate color, clear text and high resolutions. These class-leading features, coupled with a legacy of success in the display industry and an overall reduced cost of ownership through energy-saving technologies make Samsung a viable and important option for IT decision makers looking to overhaul technology departments at every level, from small and medium businesses, to education and enterprise channels.

Leveraging the benefits of LED technology and expanding beyond the traditional Twisted Nematic (TN) panel, Samsung introduces its ultra-high performance Plane Line Switching (PLS) panel technology, available for the first time in the 850 Series, for industry professionals needing the most accurate color reproduction and resolution. The PLS panel’s wide viewing angle, high static contrast ratios and 100-percent coverage of the sRGB spectrum make the technology ideal for meticulous graphic or video editing work.

The 200, 450 and 650 all boast Samsung’s new, cost-effective Multi-domain Vertical Alignment (MVA) premium panel, which sports a wide 178-degree viewing angle, fast response time and high static contrast ratio. The 650 and 850 Series also add energy saving functions, like proximity and ambient light sensors to reduce the overall cost of ownership.

The monitors also feature Samsung’s MagicAngle technology, ensuring that whatever angle the image is viewed from, there are settings that will allow the user to experience full contrast and color depth.

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