Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Air Products' new electronic materials facility in Banwol, Korea on-line

LEHIGH VALLEY, USA: Air Products announced that its new electronic materials facility in Banwol, Korea has completed start-up and is successfully on-line. The newly commercialized materials produced at this facility will enable semiconductor manufacturers to create advanced generation devices.

As device geometries continue to shrink in size, there are increasing needs for new dielectric materials to address process needs such as lower thermal budget and filling of nanometer-scale features. The Banwol facility enables flexible manufacturing of a wide variety of new dielectric products.

"The new materials produced at our Banwol facility, such as our AP-LTO and AP-LTN product lines, will enable deposition of silicon nitride and oxide films by Atomic Layer Deposition, Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition, and Chemical Vapor Deposition for a variety of emerging applications including spacers, sacrificial films, protection layers, etch stops and diffusion barriers," said John Langan, director of technology, Electronics for Air Products.

The materials manufactured at the Banwol facility will be incorporated into devices like NAND Flash memory for portable electronics, DRAM to boost computer operating systems, advanced logic applications, and telecom applications like smart phones. In many cases, Air Products' new materials are developed and tested for performance with, and supplied to, industry leading tool suppliers and semiconductor manufacturers.

"Air Products is excited to be investing in the next generation materials our customers need to help develop cutting-edge portable devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, now entering the market," said Corning Painter, vice president and general manager, Electronics for Air Products. "Air Products continues to be the leading supplier to semiconductor, TFT-LCD and photovoltaic manufacturers on account of our technological advancements and ability to locate and grow with our customers."

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