Thursday, June 30, 2011

MS Noise expanded product line increases lab productivity by significantly reducing noise

EVANS MILLS, USA & GANANOQUE, CANADA: MS Noise of Sens, France, recently introduced an extensive range of soundproofing products for the analytical laboratory. The company has been delivering soundproof enclosures for vacuum pumps since 2004. Typical sound reduction is 12 dbA or more, or 50-75 percent reduction in noise.

Vacuum pumps, also known as roughing pumps, are commonly used for mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. They are a significant contributor to annoying and distracting ambient noise in the laboratory.
Laboratories are much noisier than a typical work setting.

Excessive noise levels even below the OSHA standard increase hypertension, affect concentration and impair safety. As expectations for greater productivity in research, testing and contract labs accelerate, the more critical the need for better environmental conditions.

MS Noise soundproofing enclosures are solidly manufactured with 6mm thick ABS and 45-50 mm of heat-, oil-, and flameproof insulation material. Robust and quiet cooling fans dissipate internal heat build-up. The enclosures accommodate the entire device and have an internal buffer zone to prevent pump over-heating. Convenient slots and windows simplify installation and maintenance, and enable a clear view to check system status.

"Due to rising demand, MS Noise now offers soundproof enclosures for not only vacuum pumps, but also for water chillers, ultrasonic baths, nitrogen generators and more. Very soon we shall be delivering laboratory furniture with soundproofing capability built-in," stated Tim Hawkins, co-principal of FarHawk Marketing Services, distributor of MS Noise products in the USA and Canada. "Our goal is to be the single source for all sound reduction products for the analytical laboratory. MS Noise is very responsive to the needs of the customer.

"Customized enclosures are common, delivered in a timely fashion and are not overly expensive. Another example of meeting customer needs is the company's introduction of a vacuum pump oil drain kit that converts a difficult and messy task into a fast and clean one."

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