Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AUO Slovakia module plant dedicated

HSINCHU, TAIWAN: AU Optronics Corp. announced the inauguration of AU Optronics Slovakia s.r.o. in Trencin, Slovak Republic. The ceremony was attended by AUO President of Display Business Operation Paul S.L. Peng, Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radicova, Taipei Representative Nan-Yang Lee, and Trencin Mayor Richard Rybnicek.

As one of the two AUO production bases in Europe, AUO Slovakia will play a key role in the manufacturing, assembly, and selling of large-sized LCD modules for renowned TV set makers nearby, enabling more effective supply chain management.

"It gives me great pleasure to dedicate this facility and celebrate the important milestone in Europe," said Paul S.L. Peng, president of AUO's Display Business Operation. "With the establishment of AUO Slovakia, we are building an even more complete network with our clients to effectively deliver quality LCD products worldwide. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the full and continuous support from the Slovak government and Taipei Representative Office, Bratislava."

"We greatly look forward to the inauguration of the AUO Slovakia module plant, which is one of the country's major projects in collaboration with Taiwan," said Richard Rybnicek, Mayor of Trencin. "It is expected that the operation of AUO Slovakia will bring fresh impetus to Trencin, creating bountiful job opportunities and boosting the local economy."

AUO Slovakia is located in Trencin, a city in western Slovakia near the Czech border. The decision to establish a LCD module plant in Trencin was made in December 2009. The 200,000-square-meter (over 2 million square feet) construction project was completed in April 2011, with mass production took place in May and first shipment delivered in the same month. The plant will be able to reach a capacity of 240k per month by the end of 2011. With the joining of AUO Slovakia in LCD module manufacturing, high quality and value-added support will be offered to the European clients. When fully online in 2012, AUO Slovakia is expected to generate as many as 3,000 job offers.

AUO chose to set up its second European production base in Slovakia because of the country's unique strategic location, positive business investment climate, and competitive talent pool. The Trencin city is in a euro-zone country located in the center of Europe, which allows AUO to provide its clients with prompt support. The quality workforce also guarantees better products and services to AUO's global clients, helping them to better manage their supply chains.

It is expected that the inception of the LCD module plant in Slovakia will contribute to impressive growth for both AUO and Slovakia in the near future. Customers will also profit from the substantial synergies generated by this collaboration.

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