Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prelytis intros LiveDashBoard 4Team: an online BI solution for free!

PARIS, FRANCE: Prelytis, the new-generation Business Intelligence software vendor, announces the launch of its unique, collaborative, online dashboarding solution: LiveDashBoard 4Team, in the market. LiveDashBoard 4Team allows business users know everything happening in their business at all levels and in real time without any heavy technical and up-front investment constraints.

Prelytis CEO, Alexandre SCHNEIDER, says: “In an era of social networks and cloud computing, we are seeing the emergence of collective business intelligence. So we are proud to be launching this truly unique offer on the market, whose intent is to make possible collaborative, mobile dashboards, free of charge and with no limits to the number of users.”

Easy to use and handle, LiveDashBoard 4Team online solution can create interactive dashboards in record time which can instantly be deployed to an unlimited number of users. It allows to gather all information in one place and share consolidated or detailed dashboards, charts, tables and KPI reports. This helps the users in makaing informed decisions based on comparative analysis of key data available.

LiveDashBoard 4Team online solution also includes a feature for shared comments for each dashboard in a "micro-blog" format, similar to Twitter. LiveDashBoard 4Team online solution is indeed a user-friendly, collaborative business intelligence solution for efficient teamwork!

LiveDashBoard 4Team online solution has no local installation, no servers to configure and no scripts to create. Registration is just a matter of a few clicks on the website (www.livedashboard4team.com) and data uploads are performed directly via Excel files. On the other hand, LiveDashBoard 4Team, can also be acquired and installed 'on-site' by purchase of a license.

Users also have access to tutorials, including videos, to help them create their initial dashboards and indicators.Moreover, the users may also subscribe to a host of options like: training, technical support, data storing and protection, data capacity expansion, admin rights management for their datamarts, automated data uploads/downloads, etc.

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