Saturday, April 17, 2010

Smart Guard Systems launches India operations to design and manufacture IP surveillance products

AHMEDABAD, INDIA: In a historic new beginning, India’s first IP surveillance company Smart Guard Systems today launched its operations. Smart Guard Systems launched cutting edge “Designed in and for India” IP surveillance products, a first for the Indian market.

The company will roll out a complete range of advanced intelligent surveillance products in India. Smart Guard Systems is setting up India’s first facility in Ahmedabad to manufacture IP cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs) and encoders. Smart Guard Systems has been set up as a 100 percent subsidiary of eInfochips, India’s leading technology design services company.

In contrast to the earlier generation of CCTV based passive surveillance systems that merely record the video, IP (Internet Protocol) based Surveillance systems provide anytime anywhere monitoring including from Handheld devices. Coupled with intelligent video solutions these offer automatic alerts and enable real time responses. These systems also provide superior image quality, flexibility and are easy to expand with growing requirements.

Smart Guard System announced the launch of “Smart Surveillance Solution”, an innovative plug-n-play IP surveillance product developed especially for the Indian Home market. World’s first H.264 - HD/Megapixel IP cameras with embedded video analytics targeted at institutional customers was also launched.

Global surveillance market estimated at $7 billion is shifting from the earlier generation analog passive video to intelligent video based IP surveillance. IP Surveillance market currently estimated at $1.5 billion and growing at CAGR of 40 percent is forecast to overtake the analog surveillance market by 2012.

Pratul Shroff, CEO eInfochips and chairman of the Board of Smart Guard Systems, says: “Smart Guard Systems is a pioneering endeavour. Due to the current security environment, economic development, rapid urbanisation and changing lifestyles, security and surveillance market in India is witnessing robust growth.

“As in the telecom and many other sectors, we expect India to leapfrog in adopting surveillance technology. By 2013, the IP surveillance is expected to overtake analog systems in India. Smart Guard will drive the transformation of Indian surveillance market with a clear focus on harnessing cutting edge technologies to deliver innovative products and solutions to its customers.”

Gurudas Parwani, CEO, Smart Guard Systems, says: “The Indian surveillance market is nascent and estimated at about Rs 800 crores. The IP surveillance market is currently at 10 percent of the total market but growing at a CAGR of 50 percent. It is estimated to reach over Rs 400 crore in the next five years. We have a strong R&D focus, in-house expertise, partnership with global technology leaders and deep appreciation of India’s surveillance and security scenario. We expect a year on year growth of 50 percent and are aiming at a 10-15 percent market share in the initial years.”

Launch of smart surveillance solution
Smart Surveillance Solutions is an affordable and compact product for the Indian households.

“With anytime anywhere viewing from distant locations, the Smart Surveillance Solution makes it simple for all of us to care for our families and assets. NRI sons and daughters can keep in view their aging parents or their unattended houses or working parents keep track of children as they come back from schools,” says Gurudas Parwani.

“Smart Surveillance Solution” is a unique combination of IP Cube (cube shaped miniature cameras) Camera and Smart Micro NVR (Network Video Recorder). Developed by Smart Guard Systems ‘Smart Micro NVR’ is a portable, lightweight and convenient product that does away with the restrictive features of the bulky, power consuming personal computers/servers and embedded NVR’s needed for recording the video streams from the IP cameras.

“Smart Surveillance Solution” won the award for best innovation by Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA) on its annual awards — GESIA AWARDS 2010 — at a ceremony in Ahmedabad recently.

Smart Guard targets home users with “Smart Surveillance Solutions” and will retail it through electronic retail chains.

Intros world’s first H.264 - HD/megapixel IP cameras with embedded video analytics
Smart Guard Systems also launched world’s first H.264 - HD/Megapixel IP cameras with embedded video analytics. H.264 is the latest video compression technology that requires less bandwidth, while delivering better quality when transmitting video over networks.

This is targeted primarily for surveillance and monitoring needs of city surveillance, railways, airports, banks, retail shops, departmental stores, logistic warehouses, and schools.

Next generation surveillance products
Smart Guard Systems has developed a comprehensive portfolio of products including IP Cameras, Encoders, Network Video Recording solutions and Video Management Software. Smart Guard Systems has complete range of IP cameras - VGA to Megapixel and HD cameras; Cube cameras, Box, Dome; and Speed Dome type cameras and Recording solutions including NVR, NAS based solutions and Smart Micro NVR.

Smart Guard Systems will retail its products through Distributor, IT channel partners and security system integrators across India. In the current year it plans a footprint of 75 cities across India with 200 channel partners.

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