Thursday, April 29, 2010

DataWind intros revolutionary UbiSurfer netbook to Indian market

MUMBAI, INDIA: After its phenomenal success in the UK, DataWind Ltd, a leading provider of wireless web access products and services, has launched its ultra-portable netbook with free internet connectivity: the UbiSurfer for ‘Ubiquitous Surfing’.The UbiSurfer offers DataWind’s revolutionary free-usage model, which eliminates the complexity of getting online. With the UbiSurfer you pay for the device not the usage. For the average user, there are no monthly fees, airtime tariffs, contracts or recurring fees.

Making online access faster and simpler, the UbiSurfer allows connectivity at the touch of a button. The UbiSurfer comes bundled with 30 hours per month of free internet access for the first full year useable across India.

In comparison, at an average price of Rs. 500/month, comparative rates for internet access would cost Rs. 6,000 per year, which is delivered for free on the UbiSurfer. For heavy users, unlimited internet is available for only Rs. 99 per month and each subsequent year of usage is only Rs. 999.

This powerful and most affordable service is powered by Tata Teleservices’ CDMA network across India. The UbiSurfer with a year of free-mobile internet is priced at only Rs. 7,999.

Setting a new standard for anytime and anywhere internet access, the UbiSurfer is not only armed with WiFi and LAN connectivity, but also has an in-built cellular modem and an embedded SIM card that allows access to the internet anywhere a mobile phone signal is available all over India. Users are not limited to Wi-Fi hotspots and there is no need to buy a costly USB dongle to ensure connection, making internet access truly ubiquitous.

Suneet S. Tuli, President and CEO of Datawind, commented: “Our goal was to deliver the real web, fast, free, anytime and everywhere. The UbiSurfer is another step in the Company’s vision of taking the internet to the masses. This device is going to revolutionize the way we work, play, communicate and take advantage of the wireless web.”

In addition to being a superb mobile browsing solution, the UbiSurfer is also a practical computer that comes pre-loaded with the Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 operating system and Softmaker Office Suite. With Microsoft Windows CE, the new UbiSurfer boots-up in 10 seconds, and applications launch instantly, providing consumers an excellent system with the familiarity of a PC. Windows CE is a pre-emptive real-time operating system that delivers a compelling user experience.

With the SoftMaker Office Suite, the UbiSurfer offers the full feature set of a modern desktop-league office suite. SoftMaker Office lets customers open, edit, and save Microsoft Office 2003 Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files, directly and without conversion, retaining all the formatting, functions, and contents of the original Office files.

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