Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PLX PCI Express switches, USB controllers fully represented on leading integrators lists

SUNNYVALE, USA: PLX Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:PLXT), a leading supplier of silicon and software interconnect solutions for the enterprise and consumer markets, announced that its entire PCI Express (PCIe) and Universal Serial Bus (USB) product families are now fully represented on integrators lists of the PCI Special Interest Group and USB Implementers Forum, respectively.

All 37 PLX ExpressLane switches (PCIe Gen 1 and Gen 2 devices ranging from five to 96 lanes and three to 24 ports) span the exclusive PCI-SIG Integrators List -- by far the most PCIe switches on the list from any vendor. Additionally, each of PLX’s high-performance USB 2.0 controllers has secured a place on the stringently maintained USB-IF Integrators List.

Products on these two highly respected lists have been thoroughly vetted by the special interest groups that oversee the standards. The PCI-SIG Integrators List includes all products that have successfully completed the rigorous testing procedures of the organization’s Compliance Workshop. The USB-IF Integrators List is a roster of USB products that have met the criteria established by the USB-IF Compliance Program.

All PLX products go through rigorous simulation, verification, pre-silicon emulation, post-silicon validation, system interoperability, and compliance testing. Interoperability plays a key role in the development and release of all PLX products.

All chips undergo a broad compatibility program that involves customer systems being coupled with detailed PLX methodology that includes chip detection, end-point connectivity, chip-to-chip, board-to-board and system-to-system evaluation. This process instills confidence in customers and supports faster time to market for their designs.

“To achieve having all PLX PCI Express switches and USB controllers on these integrators lists involved far more than our merely providing technical specifications on those products; it required successfully passing the vigorous compliance testing administered by the special interest groups themselves,” said David Raun, vice president of marketing and business development at PLX.

“This success helps assure designers and manufacturers worldwide that the devices they choose meet the high standards of both PLX and these important standards bodies.”

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