Thursday, April 22, 2010

DisplayLink, Diamond create new twist on docking stations

PALO ALTO, USA: DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology has enabled Diamond Multimedia’s BVUMD3 USB HD Display Adapter Plus to provide plug-and-play capabilities for additional displays to laptop or desktop computers, while providing additional USB ports for peripheral connectivity and giving a new twist to the traditional universal docking station.

Using DisplayLink’s USB virtual graphics chip, the DL-165, Diamond’s BVUMD3 USB HD Display Adapter Plus packs a lot into a small 4.0 x 2.6 x .8 inch device. It supports DVI or VGA interfaces, offering high quality digital imaging up to 1600 x 1200 and 1920 x 1080 (wide) 32-bit True Color resolutions and allows users to mirror or extend the display in any direction.

The BVUMD3 can determine the type, resolutions and key features of any display, ensuring a fast and error free setup. Furthermore, it is fully integrated into the Windows operating system and is managed by the Windows Control Panel interface.

“DisplayLink’s DL-165 USB virtual graphics chip has enabled us to offer our customers a means to connect multiple monitors to a single device, along with many other multimedia capabilities,” says Louis Kokenis, the Product Engineering Manager for Diamond Multimedia. “The BVUMD3 also uses 80% less power than a discrete solution.”

In addition to the USB graphics adapter, the BVUMD3 provides three DisplayLink USB virtual graphics powered USB 2.0 high speed ports that can be used as a mini universal USB docking station for netbooks, notebooks and Macbook peripherals.

“Diamond’s USB HD Display Adapter Plus is another example of USB universal docking stations gaining momentum in the market and how they have unlimited potential to enhance the notebook/netbook computing experience,” says Dennis Crespo, Senior Vice president of Marketing and Business Development for DisplayLink.

“The USB HD Display Adapter Plus offers big productivity and organizational benefits in a small package.”

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