Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LogMeIn App lets Apple iPad users access PCs or Macs from virtually anywhere

WOBURN, USA: Newly minted iPad owners can now join iPhone and iPod touch users in experiencing the mobility and productivity benefits of having one-touch access to all of their information from virtually anywhere with a 3G or Internet connection, with the release of LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone/iPad.

Now available in the iTunes App store, the latest update of LogMeIn Ignition includes full support for the Apple iPad, providing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users with complete access to their office and home computers, including Windows-based PCs and Macs.

"I purchased LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone the very day it was released, it has been a godsend for me," said Zahid Razack of Mira Loma, CA. "The beauty of using this on the iPad is [that] because of the fast processing speed and advanced Wi-Fi/3G technology, establishing connections with remote computers and even opening the app will be fast. And not to mention, the larger screen. You simply cannot go wrong."

"With this latest version of LogMeIn Ignition, customers can use their iAnything – Pad, Phone, Pod – to instantly and securely access their digital lives, from wherever they are in the world," said Andrew Burton, Vice President, Access and Management, LogMeIn.

"Whether it's accessing an important file back in the office while you are camping in the woods, or showing off the latest picture of the kids you have at home, the iPad with LogMeIn Ignition is the perfect combination for keeping you productive at work and at play."

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