Monday, April 19, 2010

Densitron licenses Immersion’s Haptics technology

CORONA & SAN JOSE, USA: Densitron Corp. Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of information display systems, and Immersion Corp., the leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, announced that Densitron has licensed Immersion’s TouchSense technology for integration into touchscreen solutions for medical products, scientific instruments and industrial controls.

Densitron operates in 35 countries and is publicly traded on AIM, the London Stock Exchange’s international market for growing companies.

Densitron’s initial product offering, 85-0189-000 DensiTouch™ reference design, is for their 5.7-inch Versapanel™ projected capacitive touchscreen. Available immediately, the system incorporates Immersion’s TouchSense 2000 software and effect library, schematics and application programming interface, as well as recommendations for motor, amplifier, sealing and mechanical integration. Densitron plans to build on their product offering with a 7-inch touchscreen solution in the near term.

“As touchscreens become more pervasive, we’re seeing adoption of our TouchSense haptics technology across an increasing range of markets,” said Craig Vachon, senior vice president and general manager of Immersion’s Touch line of business. "Densitron is a leader and this is further validation of the importance of feedback in providing the best touch-based experiences. We’re pleased to partner with them to offer the power of haptics to their customers.”

Densitron’s projected capacitive touchscreen solution, Versapanel, includes both a full, dynamic active display area as well as dedicated space for customizable, fixed button graphics. Integration of Immersion’s haptics technology will offer the feel of traditional mechanical buttons resulting in a solution that provides OEMs design flexibility and greater panel control durability while offering a more satisfying user experience.

"Immersion’s haptics technology is an excellent complement to our touchpanels,” said Greg Hayes, general manager, Densitron. “By leveraging touch feedback, we’re able to provide manufacturers and designers with cost effective solutions that will differentiate their products and are intuitive to use.”

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