Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NextIO announces industry’s highest-performing storage solution

AUSTIN, USA: NextIO, the premier provider of next-generation I/O consolidated solutions, announced the release of the vSTOR S100, the first flash storage array designed to consolidate and dynamically reallocate Tier 0 storage across servers.

Utilizing ioMemory technology from Fusion-io, the vSTOR S100 achieves a capacity of five Terabytes (TB) and over 1.7M IOPS performance, delivering the industry’s best flash performance at a price per capacity that is 50 percent less than similar solutions.

vSTOR S100 achieves this in under 300 watts, which is also lower than competing solutions when measured in watts/TB. The vSTOR S100 is being launched concurrently this week at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas NV, and at the Storage Networking World (SNW) show in Orlando FL.

NextIO’s vSTOR S100 adaptive application accelerator represents a paradigm shift in the functionality and design of flash storage arrays. By utilizing NextIO’s vConnect I/O virtualization switching technology, vSTOR can dynamically reallocate flash storage between servers, eliminating the over-provisioning of Tier 0 storage that occurs with dedicated flash cards or existing flash arrays.

This capability allows users to optimize their Tier 0 storage expenditures while providing large amounts of on-demand high-speed flash when applications need it, enabling customers to use flash application acceleration where it was previously cost-prohibitive. By accelerating applications on existing servers, vSTOR S100 also eliminates the need for system administrators to spread applications over multiple servers, which typically results in over-provisioning of both servers and the storage attached to the servers.

IT managers today commonly attempt to improve application performance by over-provisioning, where applications are divided between multiple servers and storage arrays. “Over-provisioning of the server results in more complex server farms and infrastructure,” said Deni Connor, founder and principal analyst, Storage Strategies NOW.

“Using large numbers of high-performance, short-stroked drives to achieve the best possible storage performance results in very expensive, highly over-provisioned storage arrays. Virtualized storage solutions are the answer to a physically efficient data center that can run multiple applications with fewer servers, while reducing total cost of ownership.”

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