Thursday, April 15, 2010

Amulet launches plug and play LCD evaluator kits for Shelly Inc. displays

CAMPBELL, USA: Amulet Technologies, a leader in graphical user interface (GUI) solutions, announced the availability of two new plug & play LCD Evaluator Kits for popular displays from Shelly Associates Inc.

Amulet and Shelly Inc. have signed a partnership agreement as part of Amulet’s LCD Evaluator Program, the industry’s first program to provide plug-and-play GUI reference designs for individual LCD displays from multiple LCD vendors.

Prior to the implementation of the Amulet program, designers could not even power up a sample display, much less evaluate it, without spending months designing a new printed circuit board and software.

Amulet’s LCD Evaluator Program partners can now provide their customers with near instantaneous evaluation and prototyping of GUI displays, with volume production in as little as one month.

The two LCD Evaluator Kits announced today support either a 5.7” or 7.0” color Shelly Inc. display. The kits include Amulet’s controller board powered by Amulet’s GEM Graphical OS ChipTM, an integrated evaluation board optimized for a specific display, power supply, USB cable, stylus and a 30-day trial license of GEMstudioTM.

According to Alex Marinescu, Shelly Inc.’s General Manager: “Our support for Amulet’s GUI technology extends well beyond hardware implementation to complete software integration. Our experience with Amulet's Graphical OS Chip and software design began two years ago with its integration into our 4.3” monochrome QVGA. We are excited to offer our customers complete GUI solutions built with the latest technology.”

“With our kits, Shelly Inc’s displays can be powered up within a few minutes and their clients can have a production-ready user interface designed in as fast as two weeks using GEMstudio,” stated Jim Todd, Amulet’s Sales Director.

Kits are available for $199 each through Shelly Inc. Display prices vary based on part number.

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