Friday, September 9, 2011

Commercial apps in surveillance, automotive and thermography will reach total volumes over 1 million units in 2016

LYON, FRANCE: Yole Développement announced its report Uncooled Infrared Imaging Market: Commercial & Military applications.

Initially developed for the military market by US defense companies, infrared (IR) uncooled cameras are now widely used in many commercial applications. In the Infrared spectrum, long wave infrared (LWIR) is the most common wavelength (8-12 microns). This new 2011 IR report, is an updated and in depth analysis of commercial markets covered in the 2010 report. In addition Yole Développement has included a new analysis of the military markets.

Commercial business is booming
Commercial business is expanding at a high rate thanks to 3 main markets analyzed in this report:

* Thermography boom is confirmed with camera prices now available for near $1,000 from FLIR that expands the use of IR cameras to maintenance engineers and building inspectors.

* Automotive has increased by + 40 percent in volume in 2010 with four new car models adopting thermal night vision. It is expected that automotive will exceed 500,000 units sales for 2016.

* Surveillance is becoming a key market with several CCTV big camera players introducing many new models of thermal camera: Pelco, Axis, Bosch Security, Samsung Techwin.

For these reasons, we expect that the overall thermal market will be more than 1,1 million units in 2016 ($3.4 billion in value).Source: Yole Développement, France.

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