Friday, September 2, 2011

Power Technology enters discussions to energize Apple iPhones and iPods

CHICAGO, USA: Power Technology Inc., which recently acquired Flipside USA and, announced that it has entered into discussions to partner with the maker of a portable solar powered battery charger system for iPhones and iPods.

Key benefits to the solar charger system include maximizing the performance and stabilization of the battery with cell tuning engineering as well as promoting green energy and energy recycling.

This system will allow iPhone and iPod (including iPhone 3G and iPodTouch) users the ability to charge their devices instantly from the sun. This rechargeable power pack system will provide on-the-fly power to these devices with a service voltage of 5V. When fully charged, the power pack can supply the backup energy by taking in the light of the sun or any electrical bulb and converting it into power for the device.

Apple has sold over 30 million iPodTouch/iPhone units to date. If every iPhone/iPodTouch sold was fully charged every day (averaging the battery capacity) via solar power instead of fossil fuel power, approximately 50.644gWh of energy could be saved. That is roughly equivalent to 75,965,625 lbs. of CO2 in the atmosphere per year.

CEO Kara Guire stated: "We are impressed with their technology as well as the professionalism they have displayed thus far. One of the key interests at the moment is bringing their technology to the US markets which will enable us to tap into a big portion of the iPhone and iPad market."

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