Monday, September 19, 2011

SerialTek announces support for 12G SAS with BusXpert Pro II protocol analyzer

DURHAM, USA: SerialTek, a leader in storage protocol analysis, introduced the BusXpert Pro II for 12Gbps Serial Attached SCSI. The BusXpert Pro II features SerialTek's PCIe x4 and hardware accelerated Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for extremely fast uploads and trace manipulation, and 500 pico-second clock resolution. The BusXpert Pro II also uses the same intuitive software with innovations like multithreaded processing, fast trace display, trace indexing, and InstaSeach technology.

SerialTek's BusXpert Pro II software features the industry's deepest and most flexible triggering with up to 4 separate simultaneous sequencers, logical branching and counters, and easy definition of frames, commands, etc. Hardware filtering is also available to make the most efficient use of the SAS BusXpert Pro II's configurable buffer, with sizes from 9GB to an industry leading 72GB (144GB coming soon).

The BusXpert Pro II software also offers a variety of ways to display the captured traffic, from viewing an entire command transaction and its associated frames in Transaction view, viewing a frame as it looks in the SAS and SATA specifications in Details view, to viewing the handshaking in Protocol view. Manipulating the trace via searching, hide/show, bookmarking, and by decode is available with just a few clicks.

"With data bus speeds rapidly increasing, the need for larger buffers and faster displays of captured traffic becomes really apparent," said Dale Smith, president/CTO of SerialTek. "The BusXpert Pro II not only delivers greater speed and depth, but also incorporates customer feedback we've received over the past three years to save even more time for our users."

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