Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AuthenTec’s FIPS 201-compliant TouchChip sensor adds strong fingerprint security to Dell Latitude E6520 notebooks

MELBOURNE, USA: AuthenTec, a leading provider of security and identity management solutions, announced that its FIPS 201-compliant TouchChip fingerprint sensor module is now available on the Dell Latitude E6520 notebook PC.

The addition of AuthenTec’s new TCETB1 TouchChip module makes the Latitude E6520 well suited for applications where the Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201) is required for personal identity verification of federal employees and contractors. The TCETB1 module includes AuthenTec’s TCS1 TouchChip sensor, the world’s only silicon-based fingerprint sensor certified to meet FIPS 201 specifications for image quality and fingerprint authentication.

The Dell Latitude E6520 is a business-rugged laptop that features a military standard-tested metal case and highly durable display. It represents the second generation of Dell notebooks to incorporate an AuthenTec TCS1-based TouchChip module with a personal identity verification- (PIV-) compliant smart card reader enabling multi-factor authentication. The Dell Latitude E6520 offers government agencies and contractors a complete endpoint security solution for complying with US government standards.

"Our newest TouchChip module is ideally suited for mobile ID terminals and notebooks offering strong security, such as the new Dell Latitude E6520,” said Mike Chaudoin, AuthenTec’s director of Marketing for Government and Access Control. “We are pleased to expand our relationship with PC industry leader Dell into their new generation of Dell notebooks using our widely accepted TCS1 TouchChip product. We believe that IT administrators who demand strong security and end users who want one-touch simplicity will appreciate what our TouchChip solution brings to this new Dell platform.”

AuthenTec’s new TCETB1 TouchChip module integrates a low profile conductive metal bezel which reduces device thickness to approximately half of the prior generation allowing it to fit into more devices and simplifying design integration to lower bill of materials costs. The TCETB1 offers a rugged yet thin package, on-board memory for sensor calibration data, a USB controller and other features that deliver a self-contained, easy-to-integrate USB module for notebooks, keyboards, smartcard readers, mobile ID terminals and access control devices. AuthenTec’s TCETB1 is significantly thinner than bulky optical fingerprint readers and offers greater power efficiency, making it ideally suited for battery operated mobile devices that must be small and portable yet meet government fingerprint standards.

Whether authenticating holders of national ID cards or securing access to government facilities, AuthenTec technology is used around the world to provide high levels of security. AuthenTec's complete security offering includes fingerprint sensors, identity management software, hardware IP, and encryption software for mobile and networking applications. AuthenTec’s solutions ensure security and user identity from the client to the cloud, and are deployed by the world’s leading companies.

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