Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ONPATH and QualiSystems to deliver powerful lab automation

MARLTON, USA: ONPATH Technologies, the leader in scalable connectivity and monitoring solutions for high performance networks, and QualiSystems, a global provider of lab management, device provisioning, and test automation software solutions, have been chosen by a number of large carriers in North America to deliver an integrated advanced test automation and lab management solution.

The joint interoperability of QualiSystems' TestShell lab management and automation software, with ONPATH's UCS platform and HorizON software, offers a comprehensive and cost-effective platform for optimizing network testing labs.

With centralized device inventory management and tracking, scheduling and reservations, dynamic port connectivity, simpler automated configuration of devices, and easy setup validation, this complete solution empowers customers to boost lab performance, optimize equipment usage across teams and sites, and reduce both test setup operations time and capital expense.

The ONPATH/QualiSystems solution is quickly being adopted by Fortune 500 joint customers. Most recently, two North American Tier 1 Carriers with focus in the areas of telecommunications, media, and information technology, have chosen to implement the joint solution for the automated management of their test lab environment.

The solution provides the Carriers with highly scalable physical layer switching for high-performance connectivity and monitoring, as well as features such as resource scheduling, built-in control of leading-brand test and networking equipment, and advanced equipment management and utilization tracking. The combination of TestShell software with the UCS platform enables the Carriers to automate connectivity and testing within their labs or from remote locations, allowing them to save valuable time, space, power, and capital, and to improve product quality and shorten release time for their products.

ONPATH's Universal Connectivity System (UCS) portfolio delivers unprecedented scalability – to over 4,000 non-blocking ports of connectivity in a single switch fabric. It is the only solution on the market capable of supporting legacy networks, running at speeds from less than 1Mbps, proprietary single mode optical protocols of any type, as well as today's faster networks running up to 100 Gbps, and beyond.

Facilitating automated network reconfigurations, failure simulation, and regression testing, the UCS platform delivers the industry's most flexible, scalable, and secure technology. It enables customers to significantly improve the visibility and agility of their networks, in order to create test automation infrastructures that conserve time, increase utilization, and save money.

QualiSystems' TestShell is an end-to-end software framework for lab management, device provisioning, and test automation. The software is used by carriers, network service providers, data centers, enterprises, and device manufacturers. TestShell provides complete lab management, resource scheduling, automated device provisioning, topology creation, test automation and comprehensive reporting and analysis. The software framework helps organizations to improve product quality, optimize lab performance, and shorten release time to market.

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