Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pickering Interfaces at Autotestcon 2011

CLACTON-ON-SEA, USA: IEEE AUTOTESTCON is the United States' largest conference focused on automatic test equipment for US military systems, and has been held annually since 1965.

The conference is held in Baltimore this September, all themes focused precisely on the current issues facing military automated test. Pickering Interfaces, a leading PXI/LXI Supplier, has continued in 2011 to regularly release a steady flow of new products in both the LXI and the PXI platforms.

All Pickering Interfaces LXI products are now fully LXI compliant to the latest 1.4 specification. Pickering Interfaces is committed to following the LXI standard’s evolution and adopting its newest features to improve user experience of Ethernet controlled instrumentation.

There is a demand for high pole count multiplexers in PXI based test systems where the test system will test multiple devices in sequence with minimal operator handling. The ability to move 10, 20 or more signals simultaneously from one device to another improves the efficiency of a test system.

In addition, the market is demanding new matrix configurations, including these that do not fit easily in a single slot 3U module. Matrices can be expanded to make up larger configurations, but the methods used are time consuming for the user to configure, and often have performance implications and add costs.

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