Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smart Guard Systems launches operations in Punjab

AHMEDABAD, INDIA: The country’s first ever IP surveillance company Smart Guard Systems announced the launch of its operations in Punjab and announced its plan to introduce a complete range of advanced intelligent surveillance products.

In contrast to the earlier generation of CCTV based passive surveillance systems that merely recorded the video, IP (Internet Protocol) based Surveillance systems are intelligent video solutions that automate responses and enable remote access other than superior image quality, scalability and flexibility.

Smart Guard has unveiled a range of IP Solutions as well as encoders for shifting from analog to IP Surveillance Systems. By 2013, the IP surveillance is expected to overtake analog systems in India. Smart Guard intends to drive the transformation of Indian surveillance market with a clear focus on harnessing cutting edge technologies to deliver innovative products and solutions to its customers.

“The shift from analog to IP surveillance is the ideal solution for security and business purposes. This Solution can also help Industry to reach out to potential clients or buyers based overseas. Further enhancing the investments already made in analog systems, SGS’s solution ensures that they are utilized properly. The economic & business benefits of reaching out through the IP based solution are vast and are sure to generate enormous interest in Punjab’s industry” conveys Gurudas Parwani, President - SGS.

SGS has also launched “Smart Surveillance Solution” for the SoHo segment in Punjab today. It is a unique offering for Small offices and Home security markets. The Smart Surveillance solution recently won the award for best innovation by Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA) on its annual awards — GESIA AWARDS 2010 — at a ceremony in Ahmedabad.

SGS has also been awarded the prestigious NASSCOM EMERGE-50 listing for 2010 which makes Smart Guard’s position in the National IT and innovation companies list. The company has also recently introduced the path breaking Smart Monitor Nova, a powerful Video Management Software. It is single software with multiple benefits and options. It supports multiple manufacturers, devices, brands, users, clients and remote surveillance.

Speaking on the surveillance market, Parwani said: “The Indian surveillance market is estimated at about Rs.800 crores. The IP surveillance market is currently at 10 percent of the total market, but growing at a CAGR of 50 percent. It is estimated to reach over Rs.400 crores in the next five years. We have a strong R&D focus, in-house expertise, partnership with global technology leaders and deep appreciation of India’s surveillance and security scenario. We expect a year on year growth of 50 percent and are aiming at a 10-15 percent market share in the initial years. We are quite hopeful that Punjab will emerge as one of our fastest growing markets in the near future.”

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