Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DiiVA Consortium launches complete ecosystem for development and testing of DiiVA products

CEATEC JAPAN 2010, TOKYO, JAPAN: The Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio (DiiVA) consortium announced the availability of the Revision 1.1 Release Candidate for both the DiiVA Specification and its companion Compliance Test Specification (CTS), the opening of the DiiVA Authorized Test Center (ATC) in Guangzhou, China, and the demonstration of advanced DiiVA technology and prototype devices concurrent with the CEATEC exhibition being held in Chiba, Japan.

The DiiVA 1.1 Specification builds on the base established in Rev 1.0, solidifying the definition of key technology areas such as Power over DiiVA (PoD) and adding support for 3D. The DiiVA 1.1 CTS defines state-of-the-art testing processes and procedures for developing compliant and interoperable DiiVA products.

The DiiVA 1.1 Specification and CTS Release Candidates will be available for review and comment until December 3, 2010. Interested parties may obtain a copy of the DiiVA 1.1 Specification by visiting Review of the 1.1 CTS is only available to DiiVA Adopters.

Also announced is the opening of the DiiVA Authorized Test Center in Guangzhou, China, which has already performed pre-testing services for initial customers and is now accepting orders. The DiiVA Guangzhou ATC is a state-of-the-art test facility developed to help manufacturers deliver compliant and interoperable DiiVA products.

Lastly, DiiVA Licensing LLC and DiiVA Promoter, Synerchip, will be demonstrating the latest DiiVA advances in a private hotel suite in close proximity to the CEATEC exhibition in Chiba, Japan.

This preview of the future home and mobile entertainment architecture, includes content management applications that leverage DiiVA’s unique combination of unsurpassed raw video bandwidth, data transport capacity and network awareness to enable consumers to personalize their TV-viewing experience and manage their entire content library across a home network of heterogeneous devices.

Ms. Bai Weimin, secretary general of the China Video Industry Association, stated: “With the release of Revs 1.1 of the DiiVA Specification and CTS combined with the opening of the ATC, the ecosystem is firmly in place and DiiVA-enabled products now have a clear path to market–both in China and globally.

“As the vision for DiiVA continues to evolve, we now understand that DiiVA will impact not only how devices are connected together to form home entertainment networks, but also how device manufacturers, service operators and media companies will deliver content, services and applications to consumers to enable completely new entertainment experiences.”

Application developers, device manufacturers, technology infrastructure companies and service providers who are working on defining the next-generation entertainment architecture are encouraged to contact to schedule an appointment to see the demonstration, discuss how DiiVA can support their product plans and business strategies, and to hear where DiiVA can be viewed in action on the CEATEC show floor.

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