Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anchor Electricals showcases home automation systems

CHENNAI, INDIA: Anchor Electricals, India’s top maker of the electrical construction materials, fully owned subsidy of Panasonic will be showcasing Panasonic FULL–2WAY Remote Lighting Control System at the India Green Building Council, 2010 to be held at Chennai.

A product from the house of Panasonic Japan, Full2 way remote lighting control system is being marketed and supported in India by Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd. Panasonic Intelligent Automation products and state-of-the-art automation control equipment are designed to meet a wide range of needs, including demanding size, service life and reliability requirements. They are used for the automation of the private and public buildings.

The Green Building Congress is India's flagship event on Green Buildings and is an ideal platform to learn more on the latest & emerging trends in green buildings taking place around the globe. FULL–2WAY is wiring system that provides you the advanced lighting control method.

Lighting control is the future of lighting and offers building owners and manager’s one of today’s greatest opportunities for saving energy with better lighting environment and reduced energy costs. It is targeted to reduce the energy consumption for the medium and the large scale projects.

Manoj Dalal Deputy National Marketing Head Anchor, said: “Green Building Congress is a brilliant industry platform for showcasing the new innovations. Anchor has always been committed to introducing newer technologies for improving the lives of our customers. We are pleased to showcase our newest offering that will change the industry dynamics.”

Panasonic, the worldwide leader in technology and innovation, has been successfully running a unique green initiative christened as “Eco Ideas”.

With the vision of becoming the number one green innovation company in the electronics industry, Panasonic under Eco Ideas programme not only develops more energy-efficient, state-of-the-art products but also encourages customers to live eco-conscious lifestyles with an aim to reduce CO2 emissions in households and manufacturing units.

At Panasonic, designers and engineers constantly endeavor to ensure that each evolution of product is better than its previous version by following stringent process to ensure environmental compatibility by deploying technology to design products that are more energy efficient, water efficient and long lasting.

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