Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quantenna, Swisscom and NETGEAR release world’s first reliable video over Wi-Fi 4x4 MIMO deployment

FREMONT, USA: Quantenna Communications Inc., a leader in ultra-reliable Wi-Fi video networking for whole-home entertainment, announced that its Full-11n 4x4 MIMO 802.11n chipset has been selected by NETGEAR for a video-bridge solution that Swisscom has used to complete field trials of the first high-definition (HD) video-over-Wi-Fi service from a major worldwide provider.

The collaboration between Swisscom, NETGEAR and Quantenna is the result of a development partnership between the three companies. In 2008, Swisscom began working with Quantenna to define and develop video service-delivery technology that provides whole-home coverage at very high data rates, which is mandatory for services and applications such as HDTV.

NETGEAR, whose first video bridge was introduced in January 2008 at CES, joined the partnership in 2009 to deliver a video bridge that uses Quantenna’s Full-11n product to transport multiple HD video streams from residential gateways to multiple set-top boxes around the home with the highest possible reach and performance. Swisscom will use the NETGEAR video bridge with Quantenna’s Full-11n solution to deploy its whole-home broadband wireless video networking service this month.

“We are excited to be the world’s first major carrier to deploy HD video-over-Wi-Fi services using reliable 4x4 MIMO technology. The close collaboration between Quantenna, NETGEAR and Swisscom resulted in an innovative technology capable of guaranteeing the performance and reliability that our subscribers need for an excellent experience,” said Stéphane Dufour, executive in charge of strategy and innovation with Swisscom.

“Quantenna and NETGEAR have worked closely to ensure that Swisscom’s wireless broadband video service exceeds customer expectations for quality and reliability,” said Michael Clegg, vice president and general manager of the service provider business unit at NETGEAR. “NETGEAR’s new WHDE3004 video bridge leverages Quantenna’s industry-leading 4x4 MIMO technology to deliver the most satisfying consumer experience possible while reducing customer support requirements and minimizing truck rolls and overall deployment costs.”

Quantenna’s third-generation 802.11n chipset fully supports the IEEE802.11n standard with advanced 4x4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) capabilities as well as dynamic digital beamforming, mesh networking and wireless channel monitoring and optimizing. These features work together to deliver performance improvement across five times the coverage area as compared to earlier WLAN technology.

Wi-Fi networks that use Quantenna chipsets are capable of delivering the same quality as wired Ethernet, anywhere in the home, while guaranteeing compatibility with existing and future IEEE 802.11n-compliant products. The chipsets also minimize system latencies for real-time applications such as online multi-player role-playing games using bidirectional video-game controllers.

“Quantenna is excited and proud to be part of the world’s first major 4x4 MIMO video-over-Wi-Fi service deployment by a leading worldwide carrier,” said David French, Quantenna CEO. “Our technology gives Swisscom a platform for deploying a variety of triple-play voice, data and video services, with the option to support new service models such as centralized, multi-room DVRs and remote DVR/STB maintenance and management.”

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