Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DiBcom celebrates 10 years of success

PARIS, FRANCE: DiBcom, the market leader in digital and mobile TV reception components, celebrates its 10th birthday this year.

More than 25 million components sold all over the world!
This year, DiBcom has broken the 25 million barrier for components delivered, by offering components at the cutting edge of technology which can be integrated into all types of products. The programmable Octopus platform offers a high performing, flexible, economic solution which is compatible with all global TV standards.

Automobile TV receivers
DiBcom is the first company to have introduced in-car DTT reception and works with leading car manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes. DiBcom also equips Mio and Garmin Navigation devices to receive television.

USB keys and portable computers
DiBcom made a major contribution to the development of DTT reception for PCs by launching one of the first chips adapted for this market. Alongside Hauppauge, DiBcom has provided numerous solutions for the PC and were also one of the forerunners for the Apple market by developing a solution with Elgato.

Multimedia devices and mobile telephones
DiBcom put the first digital terrestrial television chip on the market which enables DTT reception, particularly on LG mobile phones. In partnership with Alcatel Lucent, Eutelsat and Solaris, DiBcom also introduced the first DVB-SH chip capable of receiving a mobile TV signal via satellite.

DTT decoders
DiBcom has been providing DTT reception solutions with the highest levels of integration for Digital TV Set Top Boxes which can access television signals, either via the internet or DTT. DiBcom achieved 80 percent market share in 2010 in South America.

“Offering high quality of reception on every type of video screen is the foundation of DiBcom’s vision for the fixed and mobile TV markets,” says Yannick Lévy, CEO of DiBcom. “We are proud to have supplied our technology to the visionaries of these markets throughout the world for the last 10 years, ” he concluded.

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