Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Gate Technology intros outstanding optical touch screen

LITTLE FERRY, USA: The Gate Technology announced that its optical touch screens will provide multi-touch capable digital multimedia screens and electric whiteboard system for e-learning, e-campus, e-school, and many more applications.

"We are proud to offer these high quality infrared optical multi touch screens to customers," says Harry Rhim, CEO and president of Synet USA, a distributor of the product in the States. "Their durability, accuracy, and low response time make them winners. All the single touch screens will have to switch to multi touch screens to catch up the current trend."

The main advantages of The Gate Technology's Optical Touch Screen are; quick response time, multi-touch, easy set up and various sizes offered. The response time of the multi-touch screens is 6 ms which is superior to other competitor products, which are generally over 10 ms. With high accuracy and low response time, The Gate Tech's multi touch screens will allow more smooth UI.

The Gate Technology's Optical Multi touch screen enables users to use any objects including gloves to operate, meaning it is weather proof. It is powered via USB plug-n-play allowing easy installation and configuration.

The Gate offers a variety of screen sizes, from 30 to 120 inches. It features clear glass for maximum clarity, and easy set up without extra tools. One can install the optical touch modules on to any kind of TVs and even non-TVs, when used with projectors. This gives a lot of flexibility in terms of the choice of displays.

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