Monday, October 18, 2010

GIGABYTE Xpress Recovery 2 motherboards to protect your system

MUMBAI, INDIA: GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd announced that its top patented features will protect all its motherboards. The Xpress2, DualBIOS and SolidCapacitor will now feature in all GIGABYTE motherboards.

This is good news for GIGABYTE fans who like to tweak their systems but fear one bad move could ruin their system. The exclusive innovations of GIGABYTE will now offer protection to all its motherboards. Xpress Recovery 2 which is a patented technology of GIGABYTE is a revolutionary feature designed to improve system security.

With Xpress Recovery 2 the system and personal files can be easily backed up into unused area and be restored in just few steps if the system crashes. The DualBIOS which initially featured only in high end GIGABYTE motherboards is now being offered on its entire lineup of motherboards and not just the high end ones.

DualBIOS boards contain two BIOS chips. Should the primary chip fail for any reason, say a power outage during a BIOS update or a virus attack, the secondary BIOS automatically kicks in the next time the system is booted. GIGABYTE Solid Capacitors offer much higher quality and better reliability when compared to their electrolytic counterparts.

While both capacitors store and discharge electricity when needed, solid capacitors contain a solid organic polymer as opposed to the liquid electrolyte used in electrolytic capacitors.In terms of performance, solid capacitors generally last longer than electrolytic ones, especially at lower working temperatures.

Additionally, solid capacitors have a higher tolerance for higher temperatures and they also perform better with higher frequencies and higher current than electrolytic capacitors. The superior heat resistance and better electric conductivity will allow PC enthusiasts to tweak the highest levels of performance from their system without fear of excessive capacitor wear or exploding capacitors.

“Motherboards might get defected due to BIOS malfunctioning and faulty capacitors but not for GIGABYTE. As GIGABYTE introduces Xpress 2, DualBIOS and Solid Capacitor features, they have significantly differentiated their motherboards from the competitors” commented a system integrator.

“By introducing these three features, GIGABYTE has introduced a whole gamut of protection features for all their motherboards. This move has brought good business and encouraged us to sell more stable and reliable solution to the market,” he further added.

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