Friday, October 7, 2011

TV features to be added to Xbox LIVE

Jonathan Doran, Ovum Principal Analyst

AUSTRALIA: It’s not only the breadth but also the nature of some of its partnerships, including pay-TV operators that puts Xbox LIVE in a strong position to establish itself firmly in the next-generation TV space.

Of course it’s not just the range of content that will set Xbox LIVE apart from other next-generation TV propositions. Being an advanced interactive entertainment platform, LIVE brings some significant enhancements to the table of traditional television, primarily in the form of its Kinect motion-sensor and voice-recognition technology.

Xbox’s main challenge is the plethora of choices facing consumers with regard to both TV content sources and devices. However, what most, if not all of these competing propositions lack is a comprehensive content offering and this is where Xbox LIVE, through its relationships with experienced and trusted pay-TV operators, may well be able to provide the missing link.

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