Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ECA2 designs and produces the world’s largest aquatic show

CHINA: Every evening at OCTBAY Shenzhen, China, located by the magnificent Shenzhen Bay, up to 5,000 spectators can now gather to celebrate the return of the birds in this momentous décor dedicated to the mangrove through a magnificient aquatic show. The ECA2 team has been selected to design and produce a new 38 minute multimedia show. It took 28 months to create the world's largest acquatic stage, which covers an area of 5,600 m².

This galvanising acquatic show at OCTBAY, Shenzhen, which started in August 2010, has already become a hit. It was a new artisic and technological challenge for the ECA2 team to bring about a representation of the forces of nature, staging the four elements merged with the magic of captivating images:

• WATER : two water screens (50-metre base), hundreds of water jets.
• AIR: 5 geysers.
• FIRE: 14 large flames.
• LIGHT: 600 underwater projectors, 60 automatic projectors.
• IMAGES : 7 videos projectors, 5 laser projectors.

The show control system synchronises hundreds of special effects, interacting with more than 50 actors, acrobats and dancers, surrounded by its mysterious and enchanting creatures to perform a touching interpretation of life in the mangrove.

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