Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Intergraph releases GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional 06.01.02

HUNTSVILLE, USA: Intergraph has released the GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional 06.01.02; enabling defense and military analysts to geospatially integrate video with multiple intelligence sources for enhanced situational awareness and actionable intelligence.

GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional, a full-motion video analysis product, empowers military, coalition forces and agencies to exploit and analyze full motion video from UAVs and other airborne vehicles for both tactical and strategic analysis, and combines with image analysis and surface analysis products to provide unprecedented situational awareness and decision making confidence.

Agencies can now integrate and geo-fuse full-motion video with other data formats to generate a complete, multi-dimensional operational picture. GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional embraces the analysis of all types of geospatial intelligence including raster maps, vector data, motion video, satellite imagery and signal intelligence. Additionally, users' clipmarks and annotations are stored within the system for simple retrieval based on a query of location, time or any attribute of the video.

In GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional 06.01.02, users can now produce complete digital reports from live-stream full motion video within five minutes after identifying an item of interest in the video. This release also enables users to view full motion video in a single common geospatial environment, incorporating other types of geospatial information.

"This unique offering provides complete situational awareness for strategic analysis," said Brig. Gen. Jack Pellicci, U.S. Army (Ret.), President and CEO, Intergraph Government Solutions. "Motion Video Exploitation allows the free interchange of personnel to support operations in theater and analysis in the command center."

This release also enables the production of ortho-mosaic images from full-motion video utilizing technology from third-party providers, such as nVidia's efficient CUDA processing. In turn, the creation of ortho-mosaic images of the video allows the user to utilize existing technology for imagery analysis, such as change detection over time.

Intergraph also supports interfaces, such as 2D3 Sensing's Catalina COTS video server. Catalina provides a cost-effective COTS interface to the ground station or the UAS aircraft to support live-stream video analysis in theater or at the command center.

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