Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nimbuzz launches cross platform video calling and video chatting for iPhone and PC

BANGALORE, INDIA: Nimbuzz, a leading and multi-award winning IM application in the world, has upgraded its platform with video communication tools. The company has introduced video calling and video chatting technology to its 65 mn users globally, bringing in a new phase of communication.

Video calling that works over 3G and WiFi, enables people to stay-connected with fellow Nimbuzz users who have installed the latest Nimbuzz version. Even the users can experience video communication on their mobile with the existing 2G network, by using Nimbuzz video chat where the users can have the visual advantage with text-based communication.

Jamshed V. Rajan, country manager, Nimbuzz India, said: “At Nimbuzz, we believe in providing the best possible communication platform for our users. With 3G becoming popular and with Smartphones with front cameras in vogue it was only natural for us to get into Video Calling. In fact, we have done one better by introducing a Video chat as well wherein users share the video streams with each other but communicate by text.”

With the increasing need of video communications, Nimbuzz also plans to introduce video-communication technology to its other platforms like Symbian and the fast growing Android.

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