Thursday, October 20, 2011

IBM brings Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities to India

MUMBAI, INDIA: IBM announced the launch of IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities, a new solution designed to help cities gain a holistic view of information across city departments and agencies.

This development is significant keeping in mind the current landscape in India. IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center, part of the Next Big Wave Technologies offerings for India market, leverages analytical insights to monitor and manage city services through one central point of command so cities are better able to anticipate problems, respond to crises, and manage resources.

The IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities will allow cities to use information and analytics to make smarter and more timely decisions, helping local leaders manage a spectrum of events, both planned and unplanned, such as deploying water maintenance crews to repair pumps before they break, alerting fire crews to broken fire hydrants at an emergency scene, or anticipating traffic congestion and preparing redirection scenarios.

The Intelligent Operations Center is designed to optimize the operational efficiencies of a city and provide a unified view of all city agencies including energy, public safety, transportation, and water.

The Intelligent Operations Center is at the heart of IBM’s Smarter City Solutions designed to enable city leaders to provide exceptional service to citizens. The Operation Center’s focus also lies with better coordination of the existing human and municipal resources when disaster strikes. With this approach, cities can minimize disruptions to public services and reduce the overall cost of maintenance and repairs.

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