Monday, May 23, 2011

Oce announces template-making and masking paper for Oce Arizona series UV flatbed printers

TRUMBULL, USA: Oce, an international leader in digital document management, announced the availability of Oce VACUBOND paper for use with Oce Arizona Series UV flatbed printers to simultaneously facilitate the printing of pre-cut pieces and keep the vacuum table clean.

Because of the stationary vacuum table design, Oce Arizona Series printers can be used to print directly onto pre-cut items of any shape, up to two inches thick. Oce VACUBOND paper can be used to print a template for accurate placement of these items on the vacuum table. An operator aligns the pre-cut items to the template and begins printing.

Oce VACUBOND paper then serves as a mask to protect the vacuum table, particularly when overprinting (printing full bleeds) pre-cut items. Oce VACUBOND paper strikes the perfect balance between sufficient vacuum pressure and strong pull-through to hold pre-cut pieces in place. At 48 inches wide, it is conveniently sized for Oce Arizona Series UV flatbed printers to enable the operator to easily cover a single vacuum table zone with one cut of paper.

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