Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Avnet Embedded pairs single board computers and LCDs to create performance matched kits

PHOENIX, USA: Avnet Embedded Americas, part of Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet Inc., introduced Performance Matched Kits, a complete portfolio of motherboard, display, peripheral and support products from world-class manufacturers that eliminates the need to source individual components, develop cables and spend precious time and resources validating hardware.

Introduced at this year’s Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, Calif., Avnet’s Performance Matched Kits take the guesswork out of hardware compatibility, pairing single-board computers (SBC) with liquid crystal display (LCD) screens. Each base kit within the Performance Matched Kits portfolio has a single part number for easy ordering and is plug-and-play compatible, straight out of the box. Avnet’s technical team fully validates the interoperability of the products, eliminating the need for the customer to perform validation through trial and error or through time-consuming datasheet matching.

Add-ons or enhancements to existing kits can include touch sensors, storage, memory, power suppliers and operations systems. Avnet Embedded also offers many LCD visual enhancement services such as optical bonding of touch sensors or protective materials to LCDs, LCD passive enhancement to increase brightness, reduced reflection, infrared blocking, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shields, privacy films, as well as enhancements such as high-brightness LED backlighting systems.

“Combining our technical prowess, integration capabilities and robust line card, Avnet Embedded’s Performance Matched Kits provide our customers with proven solutions that save time and money,” said Chuck Kostalnick, senior VP, Avnet Embedded Americas. “Customers can now purchase an out-of-the box solution that enables rapid prototyping and faster time to market.”

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