Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Introducing ETO a revolutionary range of portable charging devices

NEW DELHI, INDIA: In today’s connected world, the last thing you’d want is your phone or laptop running out of charge especially when you need it the most. Sensing this need Green Powercell Technology Pvt Ltd, a company committed to increase the use of green technologies, has recently launched ETO, a revolutionary range of portable charging devices.

According to Pavan Puri, MD, Green Powercell Technology: “Over the years usage pattern of mobile devices have changed dramatically. The mobile phone is no longer just a communication device but is an information and entertainment gadget thus guzzling huge amounts of battery power. Being used for web surfing, social networking, instant messaging, camera, media player, etc. and also the introduction of 3G services will make the mobile phone even more of a power guzzler. Users are therefore most anxious about running out of power on their devices and getting disconnected from work and social networking. ETO fills that need to remain connected for longer by providing portable charging, anytime, anywhere.”

ETO portable charging devices come with multiple connectors to charge all major brands of mobile phones, smart phones, iPods & MP3/MP4 players, Bluetooth devices, laptops, portable gaming consoles, etc. and it can also be used with digital cameras, digital camcorders and PSPs.

ETO is now available in four different models – ETO 2000, ETO 3000, ETO 3800 and the more powerful ETO Brute primarily meant for recharging laptops.

ETO 2000, the ultra slim model with rubber finish, provides an additional backup of about 12 hours talk time for mobile phones, 4 hours talk time for smart phones, 68 hours usage time for Bluetooth devices and 50 hours usage time for MP3 players. The ETO 3000, a more powerful version, not only gives 50 percent higher usage time than the ETO 2000 but can also provide backup of about 800 additional photos on digital cameras and 2 hours of usage time for digital camcorders. The aesthetically sleek, glossy finished ETO 3800 model is a power horse providing almost 25 percent more usage to your digital devices even as compared to ETO 3000.

ETO Brute, the most powerful model in the series, can provide backup power to laptops for 8 hours, to net books for 10 hours. It can also be used with your other digital gadgets as above giving a mind boggling 5 times more usage than the ETO 3800.

All models are handheld, light weight with LED charge indicator, auto cut-off feature and overcharging protection circuit. The device automatically cuts off and retains charge for a period of three months when not in use. ETO portable charging devices are CE certified to ensure compliance to international safety standards.

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