Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anobit’s Genesis series SSDs set new performance standards

EMC World 2011, LAS VEGAS, USA: Anobit announced new benchmarks today at EMC World, which clearly demonstrate that Genesis series solid state drives (SSDs) are ready for the enterprise.

Based on industry standard Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND, Genesis series SSDs deliver unprecedented performance of over 30,000 IOPS (random read/write), while meeting stringent endurance requirements of 10 complete, random disk rewrites per day for five years. These results are in line with the expectations of highly demanding enterprise customers.

Genesis series SSDs are based on Anobit’s patented MSP (Memory Signal Processing) technology which extends standard MLC endurance from approximately 3,000 read/write cycles to over 50,000 cycles, a 20X improvement, making MLC technology suitable for high-duty cycle applications. Anobit's MSP technology is the first technology to simultaneously achieve the low latencies and high endurance of Single Level Cell (SLC) combined with the cost and density benefits of MLC NAND.

“Enterprise customers have begun to realize the performance benefit of SSDs, but have been reluctant to move to wide-spread adoption due to the cost of traditional, SLC-based solutions,” said Anobit’s EVP Sales and Marketing, Patrick Guay. “The combination of Anobit’s MSP™ technology and MLC-grade NAND removes this barrier.”

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