Friday, May 6, 2011

CyberLink launches SoftDMA 2 – newest DLNA certified media player for home network

TAIPEI, TAIWAN: CyberLink Corp. announced the release of SoftDMA 2, the latest media player for the digital home. SoftDMA 2 is DLNA v1.5 certified, enabling solutions for the streaming and sharing of digital content across a user's home network.

By automatically locating media servers connected to the home network, SoftDMA 2 makes it easy to access and share video, photos, music and recorded TV programs between networked digital devices.

"SoftDMA shapes a home cloud solution by enabling the convenience to stream and play all types of media content from any DLNA-compliant device over a wireless home network,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “We are honored to be one of the first to provide a DLNA certified software solution, which makes the communication between hardware of different display standards a reality."

With modern PCs having powerful networking capacities, their DLNA potential is determined by the type of software installed. DLNA plays an increasingly important role in enabling leading computers, consumer electronics, and mobile devices to work seamlessly together.

CyberLink SoftDMA 2 provides the following features:

Access to HD Content – Wired or wireless access to HD audio/video content (including H.264 and AAC) from home service devices.
DTCP-IP Support – Allows users to browse and stream premium video content from DTCP-IP enabled media servers.
DLNA Certified Digital Media Player (DMP) – Store movies, photos or music collections on a network attached storage (NAS) for display on demand on a device within the user’s home network.
Content Downloading – Download shared content stored on a network server to your notebook with SoftDMA 2 and enjoy playback on the go.
Compatible with Digital Media Controller (DMC) – Use your smart phone or smart device as a remote control locating files on your media server and controlling playback through SoftDMA installed on your PC.
Operation as a Digital Media Receiver (DMR) – SoftDMA 2 works as a Digital Media Receiver (DMR), playing pictures, videos and music received from a Digital Media Controller which finds content from your media server.

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