Monday, May 16, 2011

SPI Lasers announces four new products at Laser 2011, Munich

Laser World of Photonics 2011, SOUTHAMPTON, UK: SPI Lasers, a leading designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers, would be unveiling four new products at the Laser World of Photonics, Munich 23-26th May 2011, C2-141.

The new product launches cover all areas of SPI’s portfolio, including additions to the redPOWER brand with 500-1kW OEM fiber lasers and an extension to the R4 product family with a new 500W fiber laser. The redENERGY family brand has been further developed to include the next generation fiber laser platform, G4, which offers fiber lasers from 10-70W and builds upon SPI’s highly popular G3 MOPA range bringing new levels of flexibility and performance. In addition, a new redENERGY product has been added to the brand, a redENERGY GREEN pulsed laser.

SPI’s high power OEM fiber laser systems offer integrators the capability to manufacture equipment for cutting and welding applications in the industrial MACRO sector with scalable output powers. They allow the integrator the ability to differentiate their product by customizing the optical and electronic control interface performance and functionality for the specific application.

Design features within the SPI OEM laser include thermal management, high output power stability, and power and temperature monitoring with an optical resonator based on SPI’s well established proprietary GTWave technology. The lasers are available with power levels up to 1kW with single mode output. The integrator can aggregate the power using commercially available solutions. The increase in average power capability is reflected in the addition of a 500W laser to SPI’s established R4 family of CW and modulated lasers.

The redENERGY G4 range uses the proven combination of SPI’s directly modulated, semiconductor seed laser, GTWave amplification and PulseTune technology. The new platform offers extended control features, is more compact and energy efficient. The extension to higher average powers and further enhancements of optical parameters allow the user broader process and application capabilities.

Incorporating a new beam delivery optic, the new G4 platform enables an easy plug and play system interface across the range. Operating in the nanosecond pulse duration regime, these lasers are widely used for various marking and micro-machining operations, offering users versatility and flexibility.

SPI’s new redENERGY GREEN laser source is for micro-machining and specialist marking applications. The redEnergy GREEN laser provides 200┬ÁJ pulses at 532nm and is designed for system integrators and OEM’s to offer a solution to customers in such fields as photovoltaics, semi-conductor, electronics, manufacturing, polymer and ceramic marking.

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