Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laser scanning microscopy system offers 3.0 NA SIL for failure analysis industry

SAN JOSE, USA: Checkpoint Technologies LLC, pre-eminent supplier of photon emission and laser scanning microscopy systems for the failure analysis industry, announced the release of its new 3.0 Numerical Aperture (NA) Solid Immersion Lens Objective (SIL) designed to meet failure analysis industry customers needs for optically debugging integrated circuits at 22nm and below.

This state-of-the-art 3.0 NA SIL is available on any of Checkpoint Technologies InfraScan laser scanning systems. The InfraScan 300 ES, InfraScan 300 TDE and the InfraScan LTM provide superior imaging for laser scanning, photon emission, laser timing applications and optically debugging integrated circuits.

“As IC geometries shrink to 28nm and smaller, the need for near IR resolution of silicon circuitry through the back side of the die is only accomplished with SIL technology,” explained, Michael Jupina, Checkpoint Technologies director of Sales and Marketing. “We offer the leading solution in near IR imaging for IC debugging for laser timing applications.”

Checkpoint Technologies is the world-leading innovator of laser scanning tools for locating failures in IC devices. The InfraScan product line of laser scanning microscopy systems offers state-of-the-art design and exceptional reliability with near zero downtime for laser voltage probing, photon emission microscopy and optically debugs integrated circuits.

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