Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bose active sound management technology minimizes powertrain noise in all-new Cadillac ATS

FRAMINGHAM, USA: The 2013 Cadillac ATS comes equipped with powerful, proprietary technology from a new category of Bose automotive offerings: Bose Active Sound Management.

Developed over the past decade, Bose Active Sound Management leverages over 30 years of Bose research in automotive acoustics and noise cancellation, providing vehicle manufacturers with engineering solutions for controlling noise in the vehicle cabin. In the ATS, Bose Active Sound Management reduces the unwanted low frequencies created by the engine, transmission and other powertrain components for a remarkably quieter ride.

Unlike conventional noise-management systems that rely on mechanical solutions, Bose Active Sound Management is lightweight and efficient, using sophisticated electronics to replace heavy, space-consuming parts, including acoustic insulation, mass dampers and active engine mounts. This does more than create lower noise levels and fuel consumption in the ATS; it offers Cadillac engineers more flexibility in their engine designs, so they can retain the vehicle’s desirable sound qualities.

“Bose Active Sound Management is another Bose innovation that reflects our continued research and commitment to the automotive industry,” said Brandon Westley, president of the Bose Automotive Systems Division. “Today’s advanced powertrains -- like the one in the ATS -- are designed for better performance, but can also produce unfamiliar and undesirable noise inside the car. Bose Active Sound Management helped Cadillac target and cancel these sounds with a level of precision that hasn’t been previously available.”

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